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"Nice work, gentlemen. You found the Hun Army." - Shan-Yu

Shan-Yu (voiced by the late Miguel Ferrer) is the leader of the Hun army and the primary antagonist in Jaden meets Mulan. Shan-Yu and his army planned to conquer all of China. Jaden and Mulan managed to create an avalanche that buried most of his army (though Shan-Yu himself survived, along with a few elite Huns). When Shan-Yu attacked Mulan, Jaden helped her defeat him by using a giant rocket.



  • Shan-Yu will become Jeffrey's enemy in Jeffrey and Friends meet Mulan.
  • Shan-Yu will return for revenge in Jeffrey and Friends' Adventures of Aladdin and the King of Thieves and Jeffrey and Friends meet Gex Trilogy.
  • Shan-Yu will become Sly Cooper's enemy in Sly Cooper meets Mulan.
  • Shan-Yu is one of Ed, Double D and Eddy's most hostile foes. He was once a member of the Horde of Darkness; however, since the Horde of Darkness has been rebuilt, he is now a member of the Scourge.