Kaiba's Battle City Outfit

'"Stand Back and Prepare For Battle." - Kaiba Dueling Yugi.

Seto Kaiba (voiced by Eric Stuart) is Yugi's Arch Rival, and friend in Yu-Gi-Oh!. He specializes in using power for his dueling style. He is The CEO of Kaiba Corporation, a company in the gaming Industry for developing the Latest in Duel Monsters Technology. His next in Line should anything happen to him, is his brother, Mokuba. Kaiba is Relentless when he duels, but a businessman when he working at the corporation. Kaiba got there from overpowering his Step-Father, Goziboro Kaiba when he became the new CEO of the corporation. Now he's the most richest man in the entire world, and partners with Industrial Illusions, and 

Maximillian Pegasus. He once tried to defeat Yugi's God Cards after Battle City, and during the Duel with Yugi, and Atem, Yugi found the combo needed to defeat The Eygptian Gods. Kaiba now understood, that no matter what he tried, Yugi was able to find the right strategy to Defeat all 3. Kaiba accepted that Yugi is The King of Games, and became his friend.


Seto Kaiba's Deck is filled with Powerful cards, and his ace is the legendary, Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Blue-Eyes is his favorite, because when he was younger, his brother Mokuba, drew his a card size picture of the creature for him when he was training to take over as Kaiba Corp's next in line's CEO. He vowed from the drawing Mokuba gave him that he would get a Blue-Eyes White Dragon for his deck. He achieved his dream by getting 3, and was able to combine them to create the Ultimate Blue-Eyes, Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.



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