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Scamper the Rabbit


"Do NOT yell at me." -Scamper after Igor tells him to pull the switch.B

Scamper (voiced by Steve Buscemi) is one of Igor's invention and a member of Jaden's Adventure team. He is a re-animated immortal rabbit with a death wish. Even though he's sarcastic and a bit negative at times, he's still a good friend and very loyal to Jaden. He first meet Jaden in Jaden meets Igor, who helps him and Igor free the Kingdom of Malaria from a long-lasting storm. He, along with Brain, decide to join Jaden and his friends after that.


  • Cards the blow up in your face
  • Xion
  • Judy Hopps (his sister)



  • Scamper and Brain will debut in Jaden goes to Madagascar.
  • Scamper and Brain will meet Jeffrey and his friends in Jeffrey & Friends meet Igor.
  • Scamper gets along with Sassy and Jiji since they're sarcastic like he is.
  • Mlp resource elements of harmony by grievousfan-d6eiln8 (1).png
    Scamper's best friend is Blaze the cat because they share the same attitude, and find Brain to be annoying. They will be falsely accused of being a couple during the Adventure series.
  • In Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: Destination Imagination, Scamper will joke about Patch's crush on Collette, which will pretty much annoy Patch.
  • Xion will be one of the few characters he won't be sarcastic towards. In fact, he'll actually admit that she's "kinda cute".
  • The only times Scamper ever cries are when a character dies. Such as Latios, Weebo, Ray the Firefly, and Sandy.
  • In Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends meet The Brave Little Toaster, Scamper will fall into a coma after getting painfully electrocuted. So Xion takes care of him until he wakes up.
  • Scamper works as one of the clerks at Jeffrey's Pizza Place.
  • In Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures of Zootopia, Scamper reunites with his sister Judy Hopps.