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Sawyer (voiced by Jasmine Guy) is a sassy beautiful secretary cat, and former actress. In Jaden's Adventures of Cat's Don't Dance, she gave up on her dream to soon, but with Danny, and Jaden's help, she her dreams of singing and dancing come true, and she falls in love with Danny.


  • Sawyer marrys Danny by the end of the film
  • Sawyer guest stars along with Danny in Jaden's Adventures of Fantasmic! In it, after Jaden gives up, thinking that the villains had officially won, she volunteers to be the one to encourage him to not quit.
  • Sawyer will guest star in Jaden and The Muppets (2011)
  • Sawyer will meet Jeffrey and his friends in Jeffrey & Friends' Adventures of Cats Don't Dance. It'll be revealed that Sawyer is a penpal of Sassy.
  • Danny and Sawyer have a son named Oliver.
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