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Sari Sumdac (Voiced by Tara Strong) is one of the main protagonist in Transformers: Animated.

Sari is a Tenorganic, which is a Cybertronian which resemble a human and a powerful Autobot. She was founded by Isaac Sumdac and became his adopted daughter, and kept her past a secret. When the Autobots awoke from their 50 year sleep, Sari became a friend to the Autobots and her past was revealed. She have a key which is Cybertronian to activate a power armor to use in combat.


  • Sari will meet Jaden, Jeffery and the Justice Guardians in the Future.
  • Sari can also tell a electrical component in a device to see what's missing.
  • Sari will meet Hiccup and his team in the Future.

Sari in her Cybertronian and older form.

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