Sammun-Mak in Max's body.

Sammun-Mak (Voiced by Nicki Rapp) is a long forgotten Egyptian kid Pharaoh who have the gift of Psychic powers and is the main villain of Episode 3 of Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse. He discovered the Devil's Toybox which made him the most powerful pharaoh in all of Egypt, but his Regine was short-lived when he died. Sammun-Mak was later revived by Sam by putting his brain into Max's body. Sam made a deal with him after Sam put Max's brain back into his body, Sammun-Mak would have Skunk-apes body. But the deal back-fired when Sammun-Mak sees the Devil's Toybox and use it to reshape the world in his own image, making everyone except Max worship him. With the help of the Resistance Movement, Sammun-Mak was defeated when Sam remove his brain with a brain screw.


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