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Sagwa (Voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel) is the main heroine of the show of the same name. Sagwa is a Chinese Siamese cat and is the daughter of Baba Wim Bao Miao and Mama Shao Fun Miao, and granddaughter of Nai-Nai Miao and Yeh-Yeh Miao. She's also the middle sister of Sheegwa Miao and Dongwa Miao. She's also a friend to a bat name Fu-Fu.


Sagwa was born in the Year of the Dog and was originally pure white, until she fell into an inkpot which covers for face, paws and tail.


Sagwa is kind, curious, quick thinking, creative and sometime a little bossy. She's also very talented in calligraphy, an art of producing decorative handwriting, and have the best artistic skills in the family.


  • Sagwa means 'Melon' or 'Silly Melon' in Chinese.
  • Sagwa, along with her family will meet Jaden and Jeffrey sometime in the future.
  • Sagwa does a 'What about you' Segment along with Fifi in her show.
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