Robin Hood (originally voiced by Brian Bedford) is a fox and the main protagonist of the 1973 Walt Disney film of the same name. Robin Hood is an outlaw, stealing money from the rich and giving it to the many poor residents of Nottingham. He lives in Sherwood Forest with his bear buddy Little John. His main enemies are the greedy Prince John and his henchman The Sheriff of Nottingham. Robin's main love interest is Maid Marian, who is a vixen (in the fox sense of the word). When Robin hears of an archery contest which has a prize of Marian's hand in marriage, he quickly enters in disguise. He is a skilled bowsman, so he naturally wins. However, Prince John had the contest rigged, knowing full well that Robin would enter and win because of Marian, and right then and there prepares an execution. Then Little John (in a disguise as well) forced the prince to free him with a sword to the back. At first, all is happy, but things quickly break into havoc when Little John is discovered. That night, having evaded John and his guards, Robin and Marian take a stroll through the forest, before walking into the middle of a surprise party in their honor. The prince makes the tax worse upon hearing of the citizens' mockery of him, but Robin manages to arrange a great escape that results in the prince losing all his money and the citizens being freed from jail.

In the end Robin marries Maid Marian while Prince John goes to jail upon King Richard's return.


  • This was the first Disney film to be made without any help from Walt (the last film Walt himself approved before his 1966 death was The Jungle Book).
  • Bugs and Daffy will meet Robin in Bugs and Daffy's Adventures of Robin Hood.
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