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Rennex as a Kid.


Rennex as a Teen.



Rennex, used to be a Jedi Knight before he met Ava Ayala . Rennex fell in love with Ava & then The Jedi Order. found out then they gave him a warning not to ever fall in love again. but he didn't listen he loved Ava so much that he wouldn't let her go so The Jedi Order discussed it then they expelled him from the Jedi Order. then Ava tried to Persuade The Council To Reconsider but They Stated That Their Love is Against The Code, Hence Rennex Was Expelled From The Order, He went to Earth to go back to Ava where he met her on planet Earth. then they fought criminals & Villians even Sith Lord's to protect Earth. When Nick Fury wanted to recruit him & Ava Rennex didn't accept the offer but Ava did so now She is an Agent  S.H.I.E.L.D. then Rennex some times helps her on mission's. although he doesn't want her to be a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent, But Ava want's to be an Agent, So He just goes all over Manhattan to search for trouble.


Love Interest

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Rennex's Love Interest is Ava Ayala.

Rennex's Love Interest is Ava Ayala, They met in Manhattan Rennex saw a criminal so he went after him then Ava Ayala A.K.A White Tiger saw the criminal too so chased after him too & Rennex & Ava bumped into each other then they both said Sorry then cought the criminal they were after, then they introduced themself's to each other then they fought crime together then 4 mounth's later they became Girlfriend & Boyfriend.



Rennex's Left Handed Lightsaber.


Rennex's Right Handed Lightsaber.

Rennex's Weapon'(s) that he carries around.
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