Pterano's redemption

Pterano's redemption.

Pterano (voiced by Michael York) is the uncle of Petrie and a character from The Land Before Time 7: The Stone of Cold Fire. He isn't trusted by anyone in the Great Valley because before the herds found the Great Valley, Pterano lead a small group away from the herd, believing he could lead them to the valley easily. But he was wrong, cause a pack of raptors attacked the group. He was the only survivor. Sometime later, Pterano came to the Valley and heard of the "Stone of Cold Fire", which was believed to give anyone power. Although he does find it, he discovers that it was nothing more than a mere comet. However, he redeems himself for his past actions by saving Ducky. Pterano is currently in exile at the Mysterious Beyond "until five of the cold times have passed". He hopes to someday return and prove he can be trustworthy.


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