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Prince Thunderwing 
(1992balto) is the prince of wolves and the last of his kind so he become the prince of darkness. He is also a member of Jaden's Adventure Team. He's a good hand to hand combat, he's a good tracker with Diego, he can call any bird to sent a message, he's can tell about legendary creatures (like the Hellhound, Thunderbird, Bigfoot and more) and finale he's an facts expert on creatures. After his family sent him to the ice age, he meets Manny and he adopted him as his son and raised him to hate meat. It was thunderwing's birthday everyone is happy all but one anubis he was very jealous and angry when his family give him the throne out raged anubis when to the forbidden lands and he meet queen chrysalis and made a deal that he can help them invade the castle and for his reword he will become her king and so he agreed and then the invation begins the army hold back most of the army and buy my dad more time and then they put me in a crate and put me through a portol and then i see my parents murderd right in front of me and the portol closes and fell asleep and then the portol opens in equestria and the crate lands in canterlot everypony gathers around see me so thats when i meets Princess Celestia i was crying because of the lose of my parents then hear Princess Celestia's voice, it make me stop crying and when i open my eyes i notice i am an alicorn so Princess Celestia adopted me and ask twilight sparkles mom and dad to rase me as their own son and thats where i meet shinning armor and then twilight sparkle see me also and thats my new life start as an alicorn.


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