Prince Cornelius (voice by Gary Imhoff) is the deuteragonist of Jaden meets Thumbelina. He is the prince of the fairies who fell in love with Thumbelina at first sight. And she fell in love with him back while sharing a romantic flight with him. When Thumbelina was kidnapped by Mama Toad, Cornelius went looking for her, but ended up frozen in a pond during winter. But he was thawed out with some help, and fought Grundel Toad for Thumbelina. Grundel Toad dragged Cornelius with him down a chasm, but Cornelius survived and reunited with Thumbelina at the Veil of Fairies. In the end, Cornelius married Thumbelina.


  • The same way Jaden and Cornelius meet is the same way Batty Koda and Zack meet each other in Ferngully. Thinking each other is a threat.
  • With time, Cornelius eventually becomes a close friend to Berkeley Beetle after Jaden reformed him and Cornelius even teaches Berkeley how to sword-fight.
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