Episode 3 poster final

Episode 3 "Preparing for Judgment Day" Poster

Preparing for Judgment Day was published on Jan 5, 2016 to YouTube. it is the third episode in the NEW Adventures of Juniper Lee web series.


with the help of Sabrina's masking spell, June and company manage to hide the Earth from Sawboss'es Telepathy, Giving She-Ra the time she needs to properly train June, meanwhile Saw Boss plans a counter attack by destroying planets to draw She-Ra out into the open. This also gains the attention of the galactic high council a body of representatives from thousands of star systems (including Dinotopia, Galactic Republic, Etheria ect) where they decide to put their trust into She-Ra and the team she is forming.


  • According to The Grand Councilwoman Sawboss has destroyed 37 planets in his rampage to find She-Ra.
  • The Albagon from Juniper Lee's Adventures of Dinotopia makes an appearance on the Galactic High Council.
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