"Still think there's no such thing as the Boogeyman?!" -Pitch.

Pitch (The Boogeyman) (voiced by Jude Law) is the main antagonist in Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures of Rise of the Guardians. His goal was to bring the world into eternal darkness, for he is The Nightmare King.

Pitch's demise.


When North saw him at the Pole, he alerted the other Guardians, Jaden's Adventure Team, and Jeffrey and Friend's Adventure Team for help. Pitch did several things to destroy the faith in children: he took away the children's teeth and all but one of Tooth's fairies. Pitch killed Sandy and destroyed Easter. Pitch tried to persuade Jack Frost to join forces with him, but Jack refuses saying he wanted to be loved not feared. Pitch even tried to get Jaden to quit dueling by using his fear of Brron and losing his friends. When all but one child was left who believed in the Guardians, and even if the Guardians were weakened, Pitch's nightmares proved no match against what one child and his friends could do. In the end, Pitch gets taken down by his own fear.


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