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Ping-Pong (voiced by Tara Strong) was a monk of the Xiaolin Temple. He was the Xiaolin Dragon of Wood who joined the Xiaolin Dragons in the quest for Shen Gong Wu and the never-ending battle between the Heylin.


  • Limited Elemental Manipulation: He could create fire and air blasts and crack the ground by punching it.
  • Wood Manipulation: Ping's Xiaolin element is wood. However he hasn't shown any sign of wood manipulation yet, due to lack of training.
  • Enhanced Strength: He could break a wall, with his bare hands.


  • Expert Martial Artist: He was an excellent martial artist able to reach the Shoku Warrior rank, without even becoming a Wudai Warrior.
  • Immense Speed: Ping was small and frail in combat, but made up of this flaw with his speed. He could launch a flurry of punches and kicks to stagger his opponents with a barrage of attacks. In addition to his speedy attacks, he could also run very fast.


  • Ping-Pongs real name is Boris Antonio Rolf Jean-Pierre Gaulle LeGrand IV.
  • Jeffrey and Jaden will one day meet Ping-Pong in the future once they meet Twilight and her team, The Rainbooms.
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