(voiced by Shelby Rabara) is a recurring former antagonist in Steven Universe. Peridot is a Homeworld Gem whose mission was to check on the Cluster's progress and be sure it would hatch. However, after being stranded on Earth for some time with Steven and the Crystal Gems, Peridot learned that the Earth is worth protecting and she ended up betraying Yellow Diamond (by calling her a clod) and joins the Crystal Gems.



  • Peridot eventually joins Team Berk in  
  • With help from Jeffrey, Xion, Hiccup and Megamind, Peridot will get new and improved weaponized limb enhancers.
  • After joining Team Berk, Peridot becomes one of Hiccup's inventing assistants.
  • In the Thunderbolts Adventure Series, Courtney is the one who reforms her and teaches her the meanings of friendship just like how Fluttershy reformed Discord. She is also good friends with Courtney's Eevee.
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