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Penny Forrester (Voiced by Miley Cyrus) is the deuteragonist in the movie Bolt. She's the owner of Bolt and a child star actress in a popular TV show. She wants to take Bolt home because he never got to know how to act like a real dog, but her agent refused cause Bolt is studio property. When Bolt goes missing, she though to find him, but the studio offer her a replacement, though her heart longed for the real Bolt. Things went from bad to worse when the replacement Bolt cause a fire in the studio and Penny ended up trapped. She then reunites with the real Bolt and the two are rescued and quit their job. Penny then adopt Mittens and Rhino into the family after recovering.


  • Penny will meet Jeffrey in Jeffrey & Friends meets Bolt. After Bolt join the team, Jeffrey said that she can come visit Bolt whenever she likes.
  • Penny will meet Jaden and The Justice Guardians in the future.
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