Patch the Dalmatian.

"Wow! One of a kind!"- Patch after watching a Thunderbolt episode.

Patch (voiced by Bobby Lockwood) is a dalmatian puppy from the movie "101 Dalmatians". He's one of Pongo and Perdita's 15 puppies.

He was kidnapped along with his brothers, sisters and some other dalmatian puppies by Cruella DeVil, because she wanted to use their fur to make a dalmatian puppy fur coat. Luckily, his parents defeated her. In the sequel, Patch met his hero Thunderbolt. After a little adventure, he ended up saving his siblings and became a hero.

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Patch's Element of Harmony (Loyalty)


  • Patch will meet Jaden and his friends in Jaden's Adventures of 101 Dalmatians.
  • In Jeffrey & Friends meet Lady & the Tramp, it'll be revealed that Lady is a old friend of Patch's mother, Perdita.
  • In a episode of Jeffrey & Friends' Adventures Chronicles, Patch will fall in love with one of Lady's daughters, Collette. At the end, after he confesses his love for her, she'll become Patch's girlfriend.
  • Another episode of Jeffrey & Friends' Adventures Chronicles will focus on Patch's date with Collette, which happens with humorous results.
  • After Mushu joins the team, he and Patch will develop a big brother and little brother friendship. But in Jeffrey & Friends' Storm Adventures of Mulan 2, their friendship will be ultimately tested when Mushu decides to have Shang break up with Mulan.
  • On Youtube, Tigerman531 will be making a Aladdin spoof using Patch as Aladdin. The spoof will be called "Patchaladdin". He'll also play as Quasimodo in the Hunchback of Notre Dame spoof "The Puppy of Notre Dame" and as Hubie in the Pebble and the Penguin spoof "The Pebble and the Puppy".
  • In Taminella's Revenge, Patch will go with Jaden to defeat Taminella.
  • After Collette joins the team, there will be times when she'll kiss Patch after certain great moments.
  • In The Puppy from the future, Patch will meet he and Collette's future daughter Venus.
  • Patch will reveal a little history he had with Timon and Pumbaa in Patch's Adventures of The Lion King 1 1/2.
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