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YEE-HAW!!! Panchito's grand entrance in The Three Caballeros (1944).

Panchito Romero Miguel Junipero Francisco Quintero Gonzalez III or Panchito Pistoles (currently voiced by Carlos Alazraqui) is a Mexican rooster who first appeared in Walt Disney's movie The Three Caballeros. He is a trigger-happy rooster and leader of The Three Caballeros, along with Donald Duck and Jose Carioca. He is a member of the Bugs and Daffy's Adventures team, and first appeared in Bugs and Daffy's Adventures of The Three Caballeros, in which he names Daffy an honorary fourth Caballero.

Panchito and Jose often help Donald cool down if he loses his temper, which happens quite frequently.


  • Panchito, along with Jose and Donald, appears in Bugs and Daffy's Adventures Chronicles.
  • Jaden and his friends will meet Panchito in Jaden meets the Three Caballeros.
  • Jeffrey and his friends will meet Panchito in Jeffrey & Friends meet The Three Caballeros.
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