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Nova (Voiced by Kari Wahlgren) is a yellow cybernetic monkey and the main fighter of the Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce, and she's also the only female of the group, until Jinmay became an honorary member. Nova is known for her fiery attidute. Nova don't like the cold cause of an experiment done by Mandarin years ago. She also have a love-hate relationship with Sparx, but she eventually admitted her feelings with him. Nova also use her Robotic Fists in battle.


Boom-Boom Wake-up

Lady Tomahawk

Knuckle Duster

Flame Fist Fury


Twirl 'em and hurl 'em


  • Nova, along with the rest of the Hyper Force will meet Aaron and the Miztykz Knights in the future.
  • Nova along with the other members of the Hyper Force will meet Jaden and Jeffery sometime in the future.