FN-9999 or Nines was a member of the FN crops and served alongside FN-2187 before his defection. After the Battle of Takodana, Nines came to serve in the Verlorenes Battalion as a soldier.  


FN-9999 or Nines was originally from the FN-crops of the First Order Stormtroopers. Nines was incredibly loyal to the First Order, to the point of executing civilians. He was part of a squad along with FN-2197. They served in many battles together, with FN-2187 being the most decorated member of the squad. After FN-2187's desertion, Nines battled with him on the planet Takodana. Though Nines managed to defeat FN-2187, now known as Finn, he was seriously injured by Han Solo using Chewbacca's bowcaster.

After his recovery, Nines, as punishment for his failure, was transferred to the Verlorenes Battalion.


Nines is a skilled soldier and fighter. Though capable of using a blaster, Nines' primary skill lies in meele combat, using a stun baton and riot shield. Within the Verlorenes Battalion, Nines is the best close-quarters-combat fighter.


  • He is commonly referred to by Star Wars fans by the nick-name "TR-8R" in a reference to his famous line from the Force Awakens.
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