Episode 1 poster

Episode 1 "New Dawn" Poster

New Dawn was published on Jan 2, 2016 to YouTube by Megan Stone. This would serve as the pilot episode for the The NEW Adventures of Juniper Lee web series, which continued the story of Juniper Lee's Adventures of The Princess and the Goblin movie.


During his siege on Sector 6 Lord Saw Boss hits a minor speed bump on his quest for control of the universe, in the mystical planet of Etheria. due to his peoples weakness to magic it gives Queen Castaspella enough time to send out her greatest warrior She-Ra Princess of Power to go to Earth and recruit the legendary Te Xuan Ze she has heard so much about.


  • The intro from the movies was slightly changed for the web series, using characters that were featured in the 3 movies as well as characters from the series itself.
  • The episode title was changed from "New Beginnings" to "New Dawn" to avoid confusion with the first episode in Season 8 of Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures Chronicles of the same name.
  • Queen Castaspella dialog was slightly changed from the movie Juniper Lee's Adventures of The Princess and the Goblin.
  • The decision to make Saw Boss the villain for the first arc in the Juniper Lee's Adventures Series came from the need to have a villain that was more threatening than the ones featured in the movies.
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