"I have often heard you humans refer to this as fate or destiny. Only the weak utter such nonsense. It is different for the truly powerful: they create this so-called destiny with their own hands." - Naraku

Naraku (voiced by Paul Dobson) is a demon from the Feudal Japan, and the main antagonist from Inuyasha. He was once a human named Onigumo, he was on the verge of heading to the darkness. While he was alone, he was visited by Lucifer, and he was offered a choice, he could be reborn into a demon, or he could pass into the darkness, and become a Heartless. Onigumo, took the chance, and chose to become a demon, and became Naraku. He met his end when he was destroyed, and turned into a Heartless.


  • Naraku will meet Aaron in Aaron Meets Inuyasha.
  • Naraku's name means Devil.
  • He is also an enemy of the Aura Guardians
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