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"Gee, I better shave." - Mr. Pohato Head after hearing Andy's Sister getting a Mrs. Potato Head.

Mr. Potato Head (voiced by the late Don Rickles) is one of the many toys that resides in Andy's Room in Jaden's Adventures of Toy Story. He can detatch his body parts and rearrange them on himself. When Buzz Lightyear came into Andy's Room, Mr. Potato Head immediately became amazed by his features. And when Buzz was knocked out the window, Potato Head instantly knew that Woody did it, and dis-trusts him. But he gains his trust in Woody back after Woody was trying to save Buzz from Sid Phillips to make up for his mistake.



  • Mr. Potato Head will appear again in Jaden's Adventures of Toy Story 2 and Jaden's Adventures of Toy Story 3.
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