Mr. Freeze a.k.a. Victor Fries (voiced by the late Michael Ansara) is the main antagonist of Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures of Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero.

Mr. Freeze started out as a doctor at GothCorp, creating a project to sustain his wife Nora Fries from her illness, the CEO of GothCorp named Ferris Boyle interrupted the "experiment" and ordered it be shut down, more concerend with his money than of human life. Fries pleaded with Ferris not to shut down the machine, but he wasn't moved. Ferris kicked Fries 'causing him to land against unstable chemicals and making his body unable to step out of subzero temperature.

When Nora was close to death after an accident in the Arctic, he got the help of Dr. Belson to help find a cure to save her. The only way to save her was an organ transplant, but her blood type was rare. So Mr. Freeze decided to use a live donor: Barbara Gordon. When Mr. Freeze kidnaps Barbara, Batman and Robin, and Jaden's Adventure Team had to investigate their location.



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