Mr. Fantastic a.k.a. Reed Richards (portrayed by Ioan Gruffudd) is a genius scientist, he has an obsession to explore the universe for the unknown. He is the leader of the super-team the Fantastic Four.


  • Elongation: Reed Richard can extend his body at will and can reform back. Reed Richard preverably use it in his research to make his work easier.
    • Grappling: Reed Richards can use it to entangle himself to villains and objects.
  • Shape changing: Mr. Fantastic is able to change his shape and size by will.
    • Parachute: Mr. Fantastic can turn himself into a parachute which may be useful if he and his teammates fall from high places.


Genius-level Intellect: Reed Richards has a genius-level intelligence that he's able to create new inventions and gadgets for his teammates and allies.


  • Kirby will meet Mr. Fantastic in Kirby meets the Fantastic Four (2005).


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