Mother Gothel

"You are not leaving this tower EVER!" -Gothel to Rapunzel.

Mother Gothel (voiced by Donna Murphy) is the main antagonist in Jaden gets Tangled. She is Rapunzel's adoptive mother, as she kidnapped her and locked her in a tower her entire life. When Jaden helped Rapunzel escape the tower, Gothel had her locked up to make sure she didn't run away again. Nevertheless, Jaden managed to defeat her by cutting Rapunzel's hair, ending Gothel's villainy for good.



  • Mother Gothel will become Jeffrey's enemy in Jeffrey and Friends Get Tangled.
  • Mother Gothel will become Sly Cooper's enemy in Sly Cooper gets Tangled.
  • Mother Gothel will become Hiccup's enemy in Hiccup gets Tangled.
  • Mother Gothel will become Sonic's enemy in Sonic the Hedgehog gets Tangled.
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