Mithra (Voiced by Kari Wahlgren) is one of the main characters the video game, Asura's Wrath. Mithra is the daughter of Druga and Asura, one of the 8 Guardian Generals and niece to Yasha, her mother's brother. She serve as a priestess for the Demi-Gods and gave them powers with Mantra, which Mithra is highly gifted in as she use that gift to help the Demigods fight the Gohma. However, things turn sour when Deus, the Commander of the Demi-Gods killed her mother and kidnapped her in order to use her powers to destroy the Gohma permanently. Mithra ended up as a living core for Dues space station for the last 12500 years until Asura and Yasha came to rescue her. But the reunion was short-lived when Vlitra returns and Asura and Yasha left to fight, while Mithra stayed behind. Upon seeing her father and uncle in trouble, Mithra, along with the spirit of her mother, use Mantra to help them fight on eventually destroying Vlitra's Core. But upon Asura and Yasha's return, a god by the name of Chakravartin trapped her in a sphere and offer Asura to take his place. Asura refused and try to remake the entire universe in his own image. In the epic final battle, Asura defeat the mad god, but the fight severely drained him of Mantra. She said one last good-bye to her father before she return to Gaea to tell everyone about her story and her father.


Mithra lacks any abilities from her father, but she is highly gifted in magic as he can use them to give her father and uncle powers.


  • Mithra will be a student of Darkblade as he train her to help defend herself and to control her powers more.
  • It is unknown if Mithra will meet Jaden, Jeffrey and The Justice Guardians in the future. 
  • Mithra was named after the Persian God of Truth. 
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