Mildew (Voiced By Stephen Root) is the minor antagonist of Dragons Riders Of Berk, He is a cantankerous, spiteful, old Berk local. Mildew lives in a house outside of the village and has a pet sheep named Fungus. He is widely disliked by the residents of Berk, but he is nonetheless capable to curry public opinion and rally riots with relative ease...especially when it comes to a downside to living in peace with the dragons. As the Vikings of Berk and the dragons live together in peace, Mildew's hatred and annoyance with the dragons' nature often causes him to attempt to rid them off the island by any means necessary, of which most end up as eventual failures and sometimes have disastrous consequences that put others at risk. His hatred for dragons extended to include Hiccup, as Hiccup is the head dragon trainer, the frequent advocate for all the dragons, and the primary cause for most of Mildew's failed attempts to have the dragons evicted or killed. He successfully tried to get rid of dragons by framing them for vandalism. But the dragons came back and saved people's lives by stopping the outcasts.

In the season one finale, he tricks Hiccup and Toothless into being captured by Alvin the Treacherous, but later appears to regret his actions and helps them break free. During the escape, he falls from his dragon and appears to be captured by the outcasts, but it is revealed that all his actions were merely a ruse to learn about dragon training to help Alvin.


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