Princess Merida
Merida (Voiced By Kelly Macdonald) Is The Main Character Of Hiccup's Adventures Of Brave, She Is The Archer But Never Wanted To Be Like Her Mother, Elinor, A Queen, She Wanted To Change Her Fate, And She Change Her Mother Into A Bear, And Now She Needs To Figure It Out To Change Her Back, Hiccup And His Team Are Willing To Help Her And Elinor To Undo The Spell Before it's Too Late.


  • Merida Will Guest Star In Hiccup's Adventures Of Sleeping Beauty.
  • Merida will meet Jaden and his team in Jaden gets Brave.
  • Merida will meet Jeffrey and his team in Jeffrey & Friends' Storm Adventures of Brave.
  • Merida Will Be A Future Member Of Hiccup's Adventure Team.
  • She Is Revealed To Be Hiccup's Cousin In Hiccup's Adventures Of Brave.


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