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As a human.


As a Mermaid

Princess Melody (voiced by Tara Strong) is the main protagonist of Jaden's Adventures of the Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea. Melody is the extremely cute and regally and unbearably beautiful 12 year old tomboy daughter of Ariel and Eric and granddaughter of King Triton and the late Queen Athena as well as niece of Ariel's sisters. Like her mother, Melody is curious about the ocean as Ariel was curious about the land. However, she was kept from the truth about her family's history for 12 years out of fear of Ursula's sister, Morgana, who seek vengeance for her sister's death. Determined to know the truth, Melody run away from home, only to meet Morgana, who gave her a potion which turn her into a mermaid. However, it only last for a day. In order to make the spell permanent, Morgana ask Melody to 'return' the Trident to her, which the latter accepts. Unknown to her, Melody was following the same path her mom took long ago. Along the way, she meet Tip the walrus and Dash the penguin, whom they became friends and journey to Atlantica. Upon reaching the city, Melody retrieve the Trident, which unknown to her can be pulled out by the bloodline of King Triton and return to Morgana's lair. Before Melody could give the Trident to Morgana, she was stopped by Ariel, which to her shock and surprise, was a mermaid. Ariel try to talk Melody into giving her the Trident, but her pleas fell on deaf ears when Melody angrily told her of the years she spent walled up. After giving Morgana the Trident, she betrayed Melody and use her mother as a hostage and reveal everything to her and trapped her in a small ice cavern. What's worse, the spell have worn off and Melody started to drown, only to be saved in the last moment by Tip and Dash. Upon returning to the surface, Melody battles Morgana for the Trident. She succeed and give the Trident back to her grandfather, who encased Morgana in ice. Afterword, Melody reconciled with her parents and Triton gave her a choice of living with Atlantica or staying with her parents. Melody choose to use the Trident to remove the seawall, reuniting the sea and land after 12 years.


  • The Justice Guardians will meet Melody in the future.
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