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Martin Mystery (Voiced by Samuel Vincent) is one of the main heroes in the show of the same name.

Martin have a love for monsters and the paranormal which made him an agent for an organization known only as 'The Center', who's job is to protect earth from the supernatural treats. He also love slimy,sloppy and gooey things and pull pranks on his step sister, Diana. Martin sometime takes the mission seriously and sometime jump to conclusions and think of every unlikely theories he can came up with. Despite these flaws, Martin often get the job done. At one time, Martin teamed up with Clover, Alex and Sam on a solo mission.


Martin have a gadget called the U-Watch which contains multiple gadgets on a mission and also serve as a communicator.


  • Martin Mystery along with Diana and Java will meet Jaden, Jeffrey and the Justice Guardians in the future.
  • Martin will meet Alex, Sam and Clover in Darkblade Adventures.
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