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"Along the road lies something you need. However, in order to obtain it, you must lose something dear to you." - Marluxia giving Sora advice.

Marluxia (voiced by Keith Ferguson) is the main antagonist of Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain Of Memories, is a Nobody and a member of Organization XIII, Ranked Number 11, and is lord of Castle Oblivion. His element is flower. Marulxia and several others had a plan to overthrow the Organization by using Naminé to mess with Sora's memories and make him be their puppet. But the plan failed after Axel betrayed them, and used Naminé to warn Sora about the plan. But Marluxia didn't give up at first. He ordered Naminé to completely erase Sora's memories and destroy his heart so that he could rebuild him to his liking. After the plan failed, Marluxia tried to destroy Sora, but Sora ended up defeating Marluxia.



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