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Mandarin (Voiced by James Hong) was the original leader of the Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce before Chiro. He was the wisest, and strongest of his brothers and sister. However, he believe himself to be above serving his guardians and wanted to rule Shuggazoom rather then protect it. This cause the others to turn against Mandarin and have him exiled to an off-world prison. Years later, Mandarins escapes have travel to Shuggazoom to have his revenge. As it turns out, Mandarin made a deal with The Skeleton King to have Chrio and the Monkey Team brought to him in exchange for Mandarin to have Shuggazoom, but Mandarin instead have Chiro as his student, but he clearly underestimated Chiro. Mandarin was soon defeated by Chiro and the Hyper Force, but soon escapes and become The Skeleton King's apprentice.


  • Mandrian became Jaden and Jeffery's enemy in the future.
  • Mandarin became Aaron's enemy in the future.