Makucha (Voiced by Steve Blum) is a male leopard in The Lion Guard. Makucha is a very persistent character. He is a ruthless predator and will not relent until he is successful in killing his quarry. He is confident in his jumping abilities, as he jumped over Big Ravine without hesitating. When confronted, he is fierce and willing to fight, but also employs a cocky casualness. He is confident in his fighting skills, believing himself capable of taking on two at once. Despite his confidence, however, he is not arrogant or foolish: If he is severely outnumbered, he will surrender. Makucha has a great liking for okapis as food, and will go to great lengths to catch one. He frequently roars and growls to express anger or irritation.


  • Makucha will replace Varian in the Cruelsome Five after he redeems himself.
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