Lila Sasquatch (Performed by Tara Strong) is the only female Sasquatch, she is significantly smarter and smaller than other Sasquatches, as well as a recurring Character in the Juniper Lee's Adventures Series.


Lila claims herself to be an herbivore, although she was shown to have fangs when she was battling the Uglian Banticores with June . She helped June find her and Roger's parents (whom were captured by a lost Sasquatch named Charlie Paulsen), as well as helping her defeat a Brown Back Mountain Troll and returning a mountain lion's cubs to their mother. Later on.


At first she is like most of the Sasquatches, full with hair, though she is significantly smarter and smaller than other Sasquatches. Monroe uses an Exfoliax Charm to remove most of her excess hair so that she could pass for human. She enrolls at Juniper's school to learn more about humans. She is also, incredible cute under human standard, despite not being human and has pretty (and very human) face.

Powers and Abilities

Despite being around the same height and weight as a teenaged human girl, Lila possesses incredible superhuman strength inherent to her race that allows her to fight on par with Juniper. She was shown effortlessly lifting an enormous telescope belonging to Jody, who said that her dad would have a hard time lifting it up the stairs. Her durability and reflexes are similarly enhanced, making her a potent fighter. In addition to this, Lila's life in the woods has taught her quite a bit about survival and grooming. Though she sentient and capable of speech, Lila is not a magical being. Rather, she is merely a highly advanced animal and as a result can see through the magical barrier. 


  • Lila is a big fan of movies.
  • Lila fought and defeated Black Widow with June's help.
  • Lila is a on and off again member of The Te Xuan Ze Adventure Crew, helping whenever they need some extra muscle.
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