Li Shang

Li Shang (voiced by BD Wong) is a military leader from China and one of the characters from Jaden meets Mulan. Shang was promoted to captain by his father when Shan-Yu and the Huns invaded China.  While his father left to defend the huns in Tung Shao Pass, Shang stayed behind to train the new recruits. One of the new recruits was Mulan, disguised as a man and under the name Ping.  When Mulan's secret was discovered, Shang spared her life instead of killing her, and this paid off when she helped Shang save the Emperor from Shan Yu.  Since then, Mulan and Shang have been in a relationship.


  • Li Shang will meet Jeffery in Jeffery & Friends meets Mulan.
  • In the 2015 movie Descendants , Mulan & Shang will have a Daughter named Lonnie (portrayed by Dianne Doan)
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