Lexi fighting stance

Lexi (Voiced by Jessica DiCicco) is the trendy female anthropomorphic rabbit. She is a descendant of Lola Bunny (and possibly Bugs) and just as seductive. Before gaining her powers, Lexi was a student at Acmetropolis University who tried to join the school's cheerleading squad. The captain, afraid she was too good, did not accept her. Nevertheless, Lexi is the most agile and acrobatic member of the team. Lexi enjoys playing video games and is implied to be the best of the team at it; and wears a pink uniform. She leads the group alongside Ace and Duck.

Lexi Bunny is the beautiful second-in-command of the Loonatics.

As a member of the Loonatics, Lexi is the team's eavesdropper. Her powers, if not equal to, are almost as powerful as Ace's.


  • Agility
  • Sonic Hearing: Possesses expert eavesdropping skills and hyper-sensitive hearing.
  • Brain Blast: The ability to shoot concentrated "psi balls" from the top of her head.
  • Chlorokinesis: The ability to mentally control the growth of plants by emitting brain blast at a chosen plant, and the ability to swiftly create plants (temporarily).


  • Lexi & her teammates will meet Craig & his friends in Craig & Friends Adventures of Loonatics Unleashed
  • Lexi & her teammates will meet Craig & his friends again in Craig & Friends Adventures of Terminator: Genisys. At the end, she, his teammates and Pops will join the club.
  • Lexi is the only female on the Loonatics.
  • It is unknown when Lexi will meet Jaden, Jeffrey and the Justice Guardians in the future.


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