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"You see, uh, Superman. I own Metropolis." - Lex Luthor to Superman.

Lex Luthor (voiced by Clancy Brown) is Superman's archenemy, and a super genius. He carries around Superman's weakness, a chunk of kryptonite. Luthor is the President of Lexcorp, a high tech organization designed to create machinery for the city of Metropolis. He eventually discovered Superman's weakness, Kryptonite, however he has a mental mind power to communicate with a new ally. He eventually tried to revive his ally, revealing him as Brainiac. When he tried to bring him back to life, he accidentally revivedDarkseid, enhanced with Brainiac. He somewhat met his end when he gave Darkseid, "The Anti-Life Equation", which then whisked the two away somewhere, he's been assumed dead, sacrificing himself to save the world. However, The Justice League knew that he would be back in time, they just had to be patient. Lex Luthor is also known to share some sort of business deal with a mysterious man called Zero. However he eventually learns his identity as Lelouch Lampronge Vi Britannia, and the two have been great business partners ever since. Originally, Lex Luthor wasn't a business man, but a evil scientist, until the Ruby Spears Superman, making him a multi dollar business man, he has been this way ever since.



  • Lex Luthor will become Jeffrey's enemy in Jeffrey & Friends' Storm Adventures of Superman: Doomsday.
  • Lex Luthor will become the Eds' enemy in The Eds' Adventures of Justice League and The Eds' Adventures of Justice League Unlimited. He is revealed to be in cahoots with the Scourge, and will join the group at the end of the show.
  • Lex Luthor will become Aaron's enemy in Aaron, & Friends Power Adventures in Superman: The Last Son of Krypton.
  • Lex Luthor will become Arik's enemy in Arik Meets Superman: The Last Man of Krypton.
  • Lex Luthor will become Twilight and Kyle's enemy in Twilight, Kyle and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.