Lena (Voiced by Christelle Ouvrard) is the main heroine in the show Skyland. She's also a Seijin, a human who can turn sunlight into powers, like an energy beam, projectiles and telekinesis.

She and her older brother Mahad live with their mother Mila in Babylonia. One day, she used her powers on a couple of Sphere robots. Fearing that The Sphere would capture them, Mila send Lena and Mahad away to keep them out of Sphere hands, promising that one day they'll reunite.

Soon, Mahad and Lena came across a band of pirates lead by Aran Cortes. With the help of The Victor, a friend of Mila, they help track down the Hyperion. A ship flown by Marcus Farrel, Lena and Mahad's father.

Personality and traits

She's brave, smart and a bit scared of losing those close to her. Her powers also triggered when her family member are threatened. She also have to control her powers in order to be as good as Mila.


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