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"Greetings." - Lelouch introducing himself.

Lelouch Lampronge Vi Britannia (Voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch) is a young boy who holds a painful past. He holds an ancient power called Geass, also known as the Power of The Kings. A mystery holds in his true intentions. He also is a well known child prodigy, becoming business partners with Lex Luthor, president & creator of Lexcorp.


Not much is known about his past and family, in fact he hardly even talks about them. Probably too painful for him to remember, otherwise he wouldn't be so sensitive about it.



  • Lelouch doesn't seem to know much about the others
  • He's also known to have a little smile every now and again
  • Lelouch's true identity will be exposed by Karasu.
  • Lelouch will start to hate The Miztyk Knights so much, that he'll become the host and eventually become the new Lucifer after making a deal with him.
  • His goal is to unite a nation and he staged his own death
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