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"Helping others always comes before asking others for help." -King Mickey.

King Mickey Mouse (currently voiced by Bret Iwan) is the good-hearted king of ToonTown, the place where all toons live. He passes his advice down to Jaden and Jeffrey whenever they need it. Mickey wields a Keyblade, just like Sora and Riku, and is a warrior of the Light. He is a Keyblade Master and the chosen Keyblade Wielder for the Realm of Darkness, though he follows the path of light. His teacher is Master Yen Sid, and his wife is Queen Minnie Mouse.

King Mickey appears at the end of the first Kingdom Hearts game, where he appears on the other side of the Door to Darkness with Riku to help Sora seal it and prevent the Heartless from escaping.



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