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King Kong (performed by Andy Serkis in 2005) is The Eighth Wonder of The World and the main antagonist, but more felt to be sorry for, in the Original 1933 film, "King Kong". This giant monster is in fact a giant gorilla, who lived on Skull Island before being taken from his home to New York City, because of his love for an actress named, Miss Ann Darrow, and meets his demise on top of The Empire State Building, from being shot at by Air Planes, along with blood loss, and Exhaustion. Kong would show the story of Beauty and The Beast. King Kong is a misunderstood creature, but a sentimental being in the different Adventure Series.


King Kong was shown during the Beginning of The Great Depression, and brought to life from famous stop-motion specialist, Willis O'Brian. Kong's accomplishment in 1933, gave him a sequel during that same year called, "Son of Kong". In 1962, Kong would return in "King Kong vs Godzilla", and again in "King Kong Escapes", followed in the 1970's with the "King Kong" in 1976, and later on "King Kong Lives". In 2005, Peter Jackson took the story and remade it to become a huge accomplishment, simply called "King Kong". This version was performed in Andy Serkis, who played Gollum in Peter Jackson's trilogy, "The Lord of The Rings", and as Captain Haddock in The Adventures of Tintin.


  • King Kong's rival is Godzilla.
  • King Kong will meet Aaron, and Yuma in Aaron, & Yuma Meets King Kong (1933 version).


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