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Ken Ichijouji (voiced by Derek Stephen Prince) is the final Digi-Destined in Digimon Adventure 2.

Ken started off as the evil Digimon Emperor who used his Dark Rings to enslave Digimon and plot to conquer the Digital World, believing it all wasn't real. Ken created a Digimon called Kimeramon to help him in his conquest, but Kimeramon went out of control and was defeated by Magnamon. Upon realizing that the Digital World was indeed a real place, Ken became guilty for all the cruelty and and destruction he caused that he abandoned his evil ways and realized his true place as one of the Digi-Destined. When Ken was younger, he was shadowed by his older brother Sam, and became jealous. Ken eventually wished for his brother to disappear, and it happened, his brother died in a traffic accident. This caused him to start heading down a dark path and become the Digimon Emperor. The darkness began when Ken first went into the Digital World, and met his partner digimon, Wormmon, he was kind and gentle, however, after defeating a Digimon called Milleniummon, he was infected with a dark spore, causing the other events to occur. Ken also lost Wormmon after his battle the Davis and his friends while as the Emperor, and lost his best friend in the process. He redeemed himself after reuniting with Wormmon. When Oikawa snatched him and made copies of the Dark Spores, he was attacked by Daemon, until he sent him to Dark Ocean, with help from his new friends, and eventually revealed the truth to his parents and introduced them to Wormmon. Ken helped in defeating Malomyotismon, and freeing The Digital World. Ken got a happy ending in the end, he fell in love and married Yolie, a fellow digidestined, and became a detective, with Wormmon by his side. Ken became a father of 3 kids.

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Wormmon (voiced by Paul St. Peter) is Ken Digimon partner.



  • Ken will guest star in Aaron Meets The Incredibles as one of the two main antagonists (alongside Syndrome).
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