Keith in love?! is the third episode in the crossover series, Aaron, & Yuma's Adventures Chronicles.


Keith has actually begun to fall in love with Kallen, now he wants to try and show that he means it, but he's running out of time, because in a few days is Valentine's Day. He gets his chance after Kallen gives him a kiss on the check, by asking her out on a date. While the two are out, they two get attacked by an old rival of Keith's younger brother, Shouji, and even takes Kallen as a prize, so Keith must show that he can beat him at his own game to win Kallen's heart.

Theme: One must show courage to gain love.

Narrator: Gonzo, with Rizzo tagging along.


  • At the end of the episode, Kallen & Keith will become a couple.
  • The episode will follow a path similar to The Muppet's Christmas Carol
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