"Now to get things under way." - Keith thinking of a plan

Keith Matsuhiro is Aaron's older brother, and the most frightful of the Miztyk Knights. He has an alter-ego called Tetsuo Xenon, a mysterious man with the powers of the night. Keith can use a whole assortment of disguises to hide his true identity from enemies.

Keith has a lone wolf feeling when it comes to certain missions, however, he is a very kind, caring, and helpful team player. He can be a little scary at some points, in fact, he does has some moments, but is mainly peaceful and calm for most of the time.

Keith is also a extremely well known in math and science, and really lves to try and solve mysteries, and puzzles. His most favorite video game to play are the Professor Layton series.

Greatest Idols

Keith is well known for many talents, thanks to his Idol Heroes:

These famous men help Keith become who he is today:

  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Albert Einstien
  • Basil of Baker Street


  • Proffesor Layton

Tetsuo Xenon

Keith becomes his alternate personality, Tetsuo Xenon, He becomes more like Batman, striking fear into his enemies, protecting his friends no matter what.


  • Keith is well known for also playing tricks on his opponents every now and again.
  • Keith's arch enemy, and rival is Lelouch/Zero
  • It's hinted that Keith has a crush on Kallen.
  • Keith will show his love to Kallen, by defeating Shoji, and the two become a couple.
  • Keith will eventually propose to Kallen.
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