"The major--she's a devil. I don't care what the others say, she's a monster. A-and I have follow her into hell."

Second Lieutenant Karl Gorvest is a member of the First Order and a Senior officer of the Verlorenes Battalion. Originally, from a prestigious First Order family, Gorvest fell out of favor with the order and right into the service of Tanya Degurechaff. Now, Gorvest serves the battalion, trying to find some way to escape.


In many ways, Karl Gorvest was a typical First Order officer. Born into a prestigious family within the First Order, Karl quickly climbed up the ranks through family friendships and admirable grades in Officer's school. Mostly due to his family's status, Karl had a rather flippant attitude toward other officers. One prime example of this occurred when he meet a young woman named Visha. He protected her from abuse from an older officer and even took her to lunch. He was also known to pull pranks on professors in the officer's academy. Ultimately though, this attitude became his undoing. During a routine training procedure, General Hux ordered that the Stormtroopers use live ammunition and try to kill each other. Gorvest, horrified by this, openly questioned Hux. The next day, Gorvest was expelled from officer's academy. His career was over until he was approached by Major Tanya Degurechaff. Degurechaff offer him an irresistible chance. She would make him a second-lieutenant in her battalion. At the time, Gorvest thought the chance was a miracle. Now, he thinks it is a nightmare.


Gorvest was once an arrogant and flippant young man only interested in furthering his career and having fun. Now, he lives in a horror show. Gorvest hates the Verlorenes Battalion. Not because of anything wrong with the battalion, but because of its commander. Gorvest lives in complete and total fear of Tanya Degurechaff. He finds her brutal methods disgusting and immoral. He finds her powers disturbing and dangerous. He finds her appearance, that of an innocent little girl who smiles at destruction, nightmarish. He hopes that if his performance in the battalion is satisfactory then Hux will forgive him. However, Gorvest would, just as quickly, accept a resignation order if it meant never seeing Tanya Degurechaff again.

Despite this, Gorvest still maintains his moral core. Gorvest is often the first to object to Degurechaff's tactics and often questions her authority. Karl, despite being raised in the First Order, believes in fair battle and gentlemen's honor. And as such, he will never hesitate to voice his opinions. It is probably this courage that wins him a reluctant respect from Tanya. Gorvest is also uncommonly kind, treating both superior officers and stormtroopers with the same level of respect. He is also very close to Visha, though he does not remember their first meeting.

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