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Karasu and Washi (Both voiced by Rooney Mara) are the secondary antagonist in Kubo and the Two Strings.

Karasu and Washi are the younger twin sisters of Sariatu and the daughters of Raiden, the Moon King. Karasu use a Kusargama as her main weapon, while Washi use a pipe to summon a smoke demon and use double katanas. Both were send by Raiden after Kubo accidentally stayed after sun-down. They try to take Kubo's other eye before Sariatu mange to face them at the coast of her life. They both split up to find Kubo and stop him from gathering the 3 pieces of a mystical armor that can destroy Raiden. However, Karasu was killed by Sariatu in the form of Monkey and Washi was killed by Kubo from a musical blast.


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