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"I guess everything turned out all right after all." - Kallen to Keith.

Kallen Kozuki (voiced by Karen Strassman) is a very specialized woman in Aaron's Adventures, & the love interest of Keith Matsuhiro. Kallen is shown as once, a kind,& shy girl who always got nervous when the boys wanted to be with her, but, when someone makes fun of her, she totally changes into becoming a more power house woman who can take care of things on her own, & does she do it. When she first met Keith, she suddenly felt a strange feeling, she didn't know what. Kallen is shown as a teenager in high school, she wars a red bandanna around her head, a red sleeveless shirt & knee high long pant legs, black shoes, a brown vest & pants, & white long arm sleeves. She has white skin, red hair, & bluish green eyes. Kallen is both strong, & kind especially to her friends. But when she sees Lelouch, she gets really mad for learning that he was once a master mind criminal, called Zero (Code Geass).

Meetin Keith

When Kallen came to The Miztyk Knights neighborhood, she was being the center of attention for all the boys at school. But when she saw Keith, she started acting a little tougher. Eventually Keith asked Kallen out for a date, to Kallen's surprise she said yes. During their time together, the two got to know each other a little more, until Shuji came along, & tried to Kallen to go with him. So she decided that whoever won at the game Miztykz, won her, except it was done by Akira, Shuji's brother. Kallen then heard why Shuji wanted her, because shes hot of course. Kallen really got tensed from hearing that, until she heard why Keith liked her, it wasn't because of her looks, or her brains, or even her strength, but because she was just being herself. When Keith said that, Kallen really understood why the two were together, because they were just who they were. Soon, Keith became Karasu, & showed Shuji just what crushes can do, get crushed. Afterwards, both Shuji, & Akira ran off, & Kallen confesed her love to Keith, with him returning the same, & the two became, a couple.


  • Kallen will meet Keith and devolpe a feeling for him, in Enter Kallen.
  • Kallen will be seen again in Keith in love?!, at the end the two will become a couple.
  • Kallen and Keith will get married, & she will change her name to Kallen Kozuki Matsuhiro.
  • She will eventually become a mother to her son Karlos Matsuhiro.
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