"Ssssay now. What have we here? (chuckling) It'ss a man cub. (lip smacking) A delissssssiousssssss man cub." - Kaa

Kaa (voiced by Sterling Holloway, currently voiced by Jim Cummings) is the secondary antagonist of Jaden's Adventures of the Jungle Book. He was interested in eating Mowgli, and used his his hypnosis powers to get what he wants. The failed a first attempt. But after Mowgli was alone, Kaa tricked him into helping him, and even hid him from Shere Khan, who was also after Mowgli, but Kaa ended up failing in the end. In the book, Kaa is a mentor and a friend to Mowgli, giving advice being centuries old. In the story, Kaa's Hunting, he helps Bagheera, and Baloo to rescue Mowgli from a group of thieving monkeys. While Bahgera and Baloo escape with Mowgli, Kaa uses his special hypnotic powers by dancing and lure the monkeys closer, and devours them all.



  • Kaa's powers don't seem to work on Brain, because Brain is to stupid to pay attention.
  • Kaa will be a minor enemy in Jeffrey & Friends' Adventures of The Jungle Book. But because he's in the Shell Louge Squad, he'll also become a ally.
  • Kaa's powers don't really work on Saint Sorrento, because he can his flute and put Kaa under his own trance.
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